Mummy Matcher

The Birth of Mummy Matcher

A message from Founder Hayley Thiele

Mummy Matcher Founder Hayley Thiele

No matter how much research you do, how many books you read or how many horror stories your friends feel the need to share with you, NOTHING can prepare you for becoming a Mum.  

I have 3 daughters aged 5 and under (crazy I know) and an 12 year old step-daughter thrown in the mix just for fun. My youngest was born in November 2018 with a genetic condition called a 2q13 micro-deletion. At first it resulted in what felt like endless hospital stays, specialist visits, financial stress all with a side serve of crippling anxiety. This exposed me to a whole new world of motherhood and I started to crave the ability to talk to other “medical mums” who understood hospital jargon and I could have a conversation with that wasn’t centered around well-meaning pity. I searched on social media groups but this wasn’t the support I was after; I wanted something more private, more personal and someone I could be completely myself with; this is when the concept of Mummy Matcher came to me.

I have always had a passion for working with women. I spent a couple of years at University studying midwifery however had a change of heart and went on to work for almost 10 years with victims of crime. In 2013 I was given the opportunity to coordinate a state-wide program which assisted female survivors (and their children) of Domestic Violence to remain in their homes once the perpetrator had been removed.  In this time I was able to obtain an Advanced Diploma in Community Sector Management and a Diploma of Psychology.

How have these experiences help me create Mummy Matcher? Because I have had the privilege of walking along side of hundreds of women at some of the lowest and most vulnerable points of their lives. I have witnessed the sense of empowerment that comes when a woman finally feels understood, when she feels believed and when she feels connected.  So, if I can play a small part of connecting women which will help to foster the feelings of unity and empowerment, wouldn’t that make you want to get out of bed in the morning too?    


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