Mummy Matcher

Build Your Tribe

If you feel connected socially, you are more likely to live longer, have improved health outcomes and have an increased sense of overall life satisfaction. However when you’re a Mum who’s motherhood journey has taken an unexpected turn, finding other Mum’s in your immediate circle that have faced similar challenges to you can be near impossible.

This my friend is where Mummy Matcher can help. We do the hard work for you and the end result is you will find your people, build your village and grow your tribe. 

Connection is so important

What You Gain

+ Connection

Talk to other Mum’s in similar situations while you’re at home, sitting in the waiting room for appointments, in hospital or even in the car! 

+ Understanding

Have a conversation with someone who you don’t have to explain the little things to because they already GET IT.  

+ Community

Be part of a community of women who have also faced adversity and like you, are seeking connection. 

What You Reduce

- Loneliness

No longer be alone during your journey on this daunting, unexpected and what can at times be a scary as hell road.

- Isolation

No longer feel like you are the only person in the world who’s motherhood journey isn’t turning out how you thought it would.

- Detachment

Find women you can actually connect with. Women you can nurture and build a real friendship with.  

What you get?

  • A minimum of one connection with another Mum
  • Personalised and tailored introduction emails
  • 24 hour advanced access to Mummy Matcher virtual catch ups before released to general public

How does it work?

  • You complete the Getting to Know You form
  • Your information is then sent to Mummy Matcher who reviews your info
  • Once a suitable match is found, you will receive a connection email from Mummy Matcher introducing you to your match
  • You start connecting online!

What does it cost?

$ 20
  • One off payment

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